Paying bills online is easy, safer than the mail, and saves time. Use your smart phone or tablet, too. You don't have to pay for stamps, which leaves more money for the things that really matter.

  • Free with any checking account
  • Pay as many bills as you want
  • Choose the amount and date you pay
  • Check the status of payments
  • Schedule future and automatic payments
  • Cancel or change scheduled payments any time


Online Banking is designed with security as a dynamic feature of the product, not an after-thought or add-on. Multi-layered safeguards enhance security and privacy throughout the process.

Your information is protected with multi-factor authentication at login, including a fully encrypted password. The system requires 128-bit encryption to access secured screens on our web server.

Controls are updated to keep pace with emerging technologies. Beyond internal audits and reviews, an independent audit of controls and testing of operating effectiveness is conducted annually. Information security systems, policies, and procedures are examined at regular intervals by Federal regulatory agencies.