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Small Business Banking Partnership

Helping local businesses get the credit they need for expansions, capital improvements, and other purposes.

The Small Business Banking Partnership is an innovative program created by the Massachusetts Office of the Treasurer, designed to move deposits into local banks who are at the forefront of lending to creditworthy small businesses. The Partnership invests Treasury deposits into community banks – like Mutual Bank – who increase their small business loans and help local businesses expand and create new jobs.

Each quarter, we report changes in the Commercial and Industrial Loans category.

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Original Amounts of Commercial and Industrial Loans

 Since Inception Until 3/31/2019Quarter Ending 3/31/2019
With original amounts of $100,000 or less:

Number of Loans: 285

Total Original Balances: $11,109,624.38

Number of Loans: 3

Total Original Balances: $190,319.59

With original amounts of more than $100,000 through $250,000:

Number of Loans: 62

Total Original Balances: $10,433,887.55

Number of Loans: 0

Total Original Balances: $0.00

With original amounts of more than $250,000 through $500,000:

Number of Loans: 26

Total Original Balances: $10,901,830.00

Number of Loans: 2

Total Original Balances: $1,350,000.00

Total Original Balances


Meet The Business & Commercial Lending Team

Jeff Charnel headshot

Jeff Charnel

Vice President
Commercial Lending
Southeastern MA


Tim Coe headshot

Tim Coe

Vice President
Commercial Lending
Middleboro Region


Dan Trout headshot

Dan Trout

Senior Vice President
Commercial Lending
Southeastern MA


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